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Power Generation

Power Generation

Gas & Steam Turbine Services

  • Plant Design, Optimization, Layout & Construction
  • Plant Operations & Maintenance
  • Engineering (analysis, disposition & reporting)
  • Lean Manufacturing & Throughput Optimization
  • Component Lifetime Assessment
  • Non-Destructive Testing & NDE Program Compliance
  • Capital Procurement Management
  • Define & Write Technical Statements of Requirements (TSORS)
  • Contract Development, Execution and Support
  • ASME Standard Acceptance Testing


Nuclear Maintenance & Inspection

  • Tool Design, Prototype Development & Implementation
  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Safety Program Development
  • Maintenance Procedure Development
  • Benchmarking
  • INPO/WANO Best Practices Implementation
  • Parts & Equipment Procurement
  • Inspection Program Development (N286, Z299 programs)
  • Inspection Procedure Development
  • Equipment Procurement

Field Services

  • Rotor Repair Services
  • Stationary Component Repair Services
  • Hot Gas Path Components (Repair/Refurbish/Supply)
  • Outage Management


Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Generation - provide solutions to power generation companies around the globe
  • Transmission - connect generation facilities to distribution stations in order to sustain power around the world
  • Distribution - provide the mechanism to distribute energy to maintain power to your lights, appliances and electronic
  • Smart Grid - monitoring and automation products help consumers to manage, control, and optimize their energy usage all along the power line
  • Industrial - industry, government, institutions, contractors and consumer installers rely on us every day to help them build, repair and maintain their infrastructure, networks and manufacturing operations